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Mission and Vision (2024)

Aylmer Community Theatre Company strives to bring first-class theatrical experiences to our Community.  We provide opportunities for artists and those wishing to participate in all areas of theatre to come “play” with us, no experience necessary.


ACT Company’s vision for the future is to ensure we continue to increase our collaborations with other community enterprises that support our mission, and ultimately secure a permanent home base.

Inclusion Policy

Aylmer Community Theatre Company … by virtue of our name … believe in creating community by welcoming all participants including our audiences to enjoy a safe space to come “play” with us!


We seek to create theatrical works that uphold our mission of creating a safe, diverse space where all persons are respected for the talents they bring to our productions.  We seek to make the experience of creating theatrical productions both joyful and fulfilling for actors, crew and audiences.


Discrimination, harassment or bullying of any kind will never be tolerated.


All participants within our Company deserve a space where they can fully realize their potential in order to bring about the very best productions for the enjoyment of our loyal audiences.

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