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Advisory Group

ACT Company works within the structure of an Advisory Group (AG) who oversee the direction of the Company.  The AG meets regularly to plan our productions, workshops and community collaborations.  The AG is committed to looking for ways to grow the Company and advance the Mission of providing first-class English theatre to our faithful audiences.


2024/2025 Advisory Group

Teresa Bandrowska

I first met the fine folks at ACT Company on January 9th, 2019, when I auditioned to be in the production of Enchanted April. I got the part of the irascible Mrs. Graves. Five years later, after helping with various productions, I am delighted to be a part of ACT’s Advisory Committee. The people at ACT are welcoming, kind, hardworking and very talented! It has been a pleasure to work with this mighty little community theatre company, and I am looking forward to what treasures and treats will come in the future. 


Peggy Henderson

Peggy’s involvement in ACT Company from the beginning has offered her the chance to work with some incredibly talented people!  Peggy believes that ACT Company has become an integral part of the Community. She continues to look for ways to grow the Company along with her fellow Advisory Group collaborators, and her husband Rick, a founding member, whose advise and encouragement are invaluable!


Anne Little

From Bristol, England, with Scout & Guide shows and local ad hoc theatre, to St Bruno, Canada, where Mike and I joined Theatre St Bruno Players and participated in dance recitals, music concerts, children's theatre, 'one act' performances, party time entertainment, garden and house performances to community shows twice annually. When we moved to Aylmer we were delighted to find ACT Company and quickly became part of this creative group.  The opportunity to share and learn with like-minded thespians and creative minds is inspiring, and we look to lots of new ventures in the future.


Jackie McKeown

Jackie is a longtime active member of ACT Company. Acting, directing, and designing are her favourite parts of the art of theatre. Over the years, she has had the great opportunity to play alongside fellow creatives and encourages others in the community to come experience putting on a play! 

Janet Detillieux

Janet’s love of theatre began (way) back at the University of Regina where she took some Theatre Design/Stagecraft classes and became involved with the University’s Drama Department’s productions, as well as with Regina’s Globe Theatre. She was so pleased to be able to re-enter the world of theatre with ACT Company and has enjoyed working “behind the scenes” with props, set decor and backstage crew. She has also helped create props and worked backstage for Ottawa’s Orpheus Musical Theatre.


Jennifer Piercey (Bio in progress!)

Kim Tremblay (Bio in progress!)

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