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Tony McColl

Photo by Charlotte Boiral

In Memory of Anthony 'Tony' McColl

Tony may have become a member of ACT Company through his Dad and Mom's participation in ACT Company, but it wasn't long after he began to work the sound & light board with Fabian that he wormed his way into the hearts of everyone because of his sunny, charming ways. Although his debut was in his High School's productions, he gladly took to the stage in several ACT Company productions and brought his talent and enthusiasm to Aylmer audiences.


On April 16, 2011 Anthony McColl (aka Tony) was killed when his vehicle was struck head on by a car driven by a drunk driver who was travelling at high speed while attempting to escape from police pursuit.


Tony's Promise has been born from that tragedy and the promise he showed in everything he did in our company will never be forgotten.


For more information about Tony's Promise, please visit Tony's Promise Facebook page: 

Tony McColl
Rumors (18).jpg
Rumors (19).jpg

... And also always remembered, two beloved members of the Company




Pictured here when they played in our production of RUMORS

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