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​Welcome to the Aylmer Community Theatre Company's website or as we affectionately call our baby, ACT Company.​
     The story begins with Peggy and Rick Henderson, long time residents of Aylmer, who had been deeply involved in Aylmer's original English community theatre group, Theatre Horizons, until life and children intervened, as it eventually does for many young couples. They swore, though, that they would see to it that live theatre would one day return to Aylmer. 
     In February 2006, Peggy made a big pot of stew, Rick provided lots of wine and invited Dave McColl,  Joyel Singfield,  Jack Croft and Francine Hotte-d'Eça to join them at their home.  After several glasses were poured and emptied, ACT Company was born and baptized that evening. After a 30 year hiatus, live English theatre had indeed returned to Aylmer.
     A small idea over that pot of stew has turned into a very big project indeed. Our energetic Company has now had several successful seasons that have included comedies, talent showcases, whodunits,  original mystery-murder dinner theatre and even large-scale musical theatre productions. 


The Ottawa Citizen

     From our first performance of A Perfect Wedding to our most recent production of Here on The Flight Path we have been bringing English theatre to our audiences for close to twenty years. We were in the middle of rehearsals when we were shut down, along with the entire world, during the global pandemic.  And, thanks to the brainchild of a few of our members we were still able to meet monthly with our Behind the Scenes efforts via Zoom! Bravo us!
Our Company is a teaching and learning Company where people of all ages share and learn the craft of theatre arts in a lively community theatre environment. We are serious about quality productions but equally aware that fun has to be the lifeblood of community theatre.
     We've provided a stage for the amazing talent our community has to offer. The Company sincerely hopes that its efforts will encourage you to join us on stage, behind stage or as a faithful patron.
     We know that everyone can play a role in helping ACT Company to make a difference in our community ... and that difference begins with you. 

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ACT Company logo

​ACT Company's Logo

The stylized "A", which forms a sailboat in the ACT Company logo, was the logo of the City of Aylmer, which officially ceased to exist when the amalgamation process formed the new City of Gatineau. By incorporating it in the ACT Company logo, we can help to keep the Aylmer community spirit forever alive.

About Us

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