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ACT Company, Aylmer Community Theatre Company

2024-2025 Season

Update on ACT Company’s season

The Advisory Group who oversee the direction of ACT Company have made the decision to spend this coming year securing a more permanent home for our productions.  We operate on a shoe-string with no government funding whatsoever.  It will be necessary to put all of our limited energies into putting our ‘house’ in order this year. 

     However, we are delighted to announce that we will be working on a collaboration with Theatre Wakefield.  We have held an initial planning meeting, and the agreed upon format will include two one-act plays, one under the ACT Company banner and one under the Theatre Wakefield banner.  Bravo to Jen Piercey and Claude Laroche for taking the lead, we look forward to this collaboration.  Auditions for these two plays will take place late November with production dates scheduled for April/May 2025. 

     In addition, following a very successful outreach with our Christmas readings this past year, we are currently working on bringing a seasonal offering this coming year FEATURING TWO OF OUR TALENTED VOCALISTS!



For any and all information about this year's productions, please click on 'Production News' or simply click here.


You see, it really doesn't matter whether you've "done Shakespeare", pulled a curtain or you've simply sat in an audience once or twice. It's community theatre ... come play with us !

For more info: click here 



BRINGING ENGLISH THEATRE TO A QUEBEC TOWN: click here to read whole article


 Fred Ryan, Feb. 28, 2008:

"ACT Company has reached this same level of sophisticated community relations. Not only does the company provide entertainment, and provide themselves with a lot of stimulation, they have held workshops on a theatre's communication skills, how to produce, direct, and act."

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